Reactivity and Function in Chemistry

Year 1, Semester 2 Core

Code CHEM1002
Credits 25
Graduate Attributes
This unit is designed for students who have passed CHEM1000 Principles and Processes in Chemistry or CHEM1001 Biological Chemistry. This unit will prepare you for a wide array of future careers by illustrating how an understanding of reactivity and function assists understanding biological, medicinal, geological and industrial processes. It will provided you with the skills to predict reactions of common functional groups by demonstrating how the mechanistic process gives the outcome of new, but related reactions, including reactions of relevance to your chosen discipline. Chemical reactions occur over a very wide range of timescales and the ability to measure and predict the rates of reactions, particularly as they are influenced by a number of factors, will display how this has direct influence on your everyday life. Finally, dynamic systems in biology, medicine, industry and nature will illustrate the importance of chemical equilibria..
Lecture 1 hours, 12 times per semester 
Laboratory 3 hours, 12 times per semester 
Workshop 2 hours, 12 times per semester